Over the ages, people have attempted in many ways to interlink colors and emotions. As yellow is the color of the Sun- our main source of light and warmth, it became the symbol of mental brightness, intelligence, spiritual and psychological power, optimism and self- confidence.
Therefore, if you use it to decorate your home, you build a reminder of all those positive meanings associated to it.

However, when choosing how to do it, you might consider that there are different tints and shades of yellow and also that the saturation and the brightness of the color matters very much.

Take a little time to explore the variety of yellow nuances and think about how they go with the other decorative elements in your room. Besides, think about how much do you like this color, about the effects it has on you; if you are not a fan of yellow, or if you even find it a little irritating, then you could enjoy it’s benefits using it for a single, small decorative object.

That being said, lets explore a few ways of using it to brighten your home.

-You could choose a shade of light yellow or a shade of cream for the color of your walls, preferably for the kitchen or for the living- room. It would go great with some wooden brown, creamy or with some more colorful furniture and decorations, bringing a constant sunny air to your home.


– The rustier shades of yellow would look great on the textile decorative objects, like the drapes, the bed covers, the carpets or the kitchen towels. They would remind of the autumn colors, bringing a sense of welfare and accomplishment.


– As for the brighter nuances of yellow, like lemon or canar yellow, you could use them for single items, like a flower vase, a canvas or a reading lamp. This would remind you of the Sun itself and would be a splash of color, cheering up an otherwise sober arrangement.


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