Winter Pink Color:
An earnest and grounded color for which I do not recall that we have talked about never again in the past.

I am pretty confident that when we refer to “pink” color, automatically you visualize a childish, a frisky and a girlish light, a definitely graceful smile and for sure a pair of young lips. And of course I am not going to judge you for that!

I am also confident that your connection to these images is so tight that you could hardly think that pink color is something else, that pink is something  mature, something pithy and complete, a really dynamic and solid coloring proposal that has the potential to renew, to refresh and to decorate your house.

Well, this  is the reason I am here!

Having the fame of being such a voice of objection, I love to break stereotypes of conventional and unanimous beliefs, especially when colors is the topic. So, I am here then to advise you once again that  things are not  always the way you used to know so far; I am here to remind you that as  regards colors, you have most probably parked pink in a so wrong box in your mind. Would you like me to confirm that? Pretty easy! Have a look, please, in photos seen below and the same time allow me to introduce you another pink, a strong and a driven one,  a pink of the winter which, amongst others, I have the feeling that in general and in particular monopolizes our concern lately.

Have a thorough look please below:

Its spectacular combinations with dark grey, but also with black, as well as with white and brown plus that it can be also smoothly composed with a recent new-comer,  the very trendy nowadays material of copper.



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