A modern trend of decoration.

Wallpaper: loved and originally used by the urban families of France and England where first appeared till to become a global contemporary decoration trend nowadays. With various designs, countless colors and textures invades into space, dominates and shapes it, adding color and style. In market you can find it in different qualities, made of paper, cloth, vinyl etc. Final cost includes both, buy cost (which is a combination of its quality and the area of ​​the walls you want to cover) and its installation cost.



But according to which criteria will you choose the right wallpaper for your area?

Well, choosing a wallpaper it is important to consider following:

A. Style of the area we want to create.
For example: wallpaper with classic motifs creates the ideal background to a space with classical furnishing.
Consequently, floral motifs create a romantic mood while geometrical ones mostly fit in modern spaces.

B. The ambient of the space, generally the visual stimulus we want to cause.
Large motifs, as well as the intense colors dominate, in other words, they “make” fuss “as opposed to the smaller patterns and more pale shades. They also require a larger area to emerge.
Use them, mainly in sized rooms where furniture chromatically follows neutral tones.

If your space is small, choose lighter and distinctive patterns or wallpaper with texture, so that your space looks bigger.

If you want to create the feeling of a higher space then try a wallpaper with patterns in a vertical orientation, even better a wallpaper with vertical stripes.

C. Remember: you do not have to dress up the full area with a wallpaper.
You can alternatively combine it with another one. In most of the cases, a selective usage of it clearly provides much more interesting results.

D. In any case, keep in mind that the main role of the wallpaper is purely a decorative one.
We apply it on a space as a backdrop to highlight furniture and the decorative elements, to make an ambience and define the style we want this space to have. For that reason, upon its selection it is a really good idea to judge all the characteristics of your space such as colors, shapes, sizes and textures avoiding exaggeration -unless, of course, if that’s what you are looking for.


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