A domestic work place and here is the question:
Is it always feasible to work at home? Are there any tips to support this option?

It is true that there are a lot of pros and cons for this decision and tight work schedule is not the issue in that case.
We talk about an actual domestic work place and about realistic questions:
Should it be a formal or an informal one?
Will it fit with rest of the house rooms?
Do I have to place it in a separated and isolated venue or not?

Home work place at separate room

The ideal option for your workplace at home would be a room of the house relatively quiet; at least, focus a not that crowded or so popular one for the rest of its inhabitants, especially when you have kids or pets.
For example, some people select to base it into their bedroom where they can work in a somewhat undisturbed venue.



You can harmonically incorporate your domestic work place with rest of the home interior decoration by selecting furniture and accessories that match;
you can also separate office and sleeping area with glass bricks or glass wall frame.

Living room and home office

Living rooms can host a domestic work place as well.
A small home office with built-in shelves and built-in desk can fit any room and may match ideally, so that nobody can tell.

You can emphasize its style adding lighting fixtures and runners, so to make the mixture to conform with overall taste.
Noise might be an issue in the most popular room of the house, but it is entirely up to you if you love lively venues.

Kitchen and domestic work place

Well, it is true that kitchen is not recommended to host an office place at home.
If conditions impose it you can use some of the cabinets to host your archive and an imbedded table as a desk.

Keep in mind that if you finally decide it, additional lighting elements are necessary to satisfy your home-office-at-kitchen needs.


Have you ever thought to take full advantage of your balcony?
You have pretty obvious advantages, such as plenty of natural light and less inner noise.
Mind, however, that it was not initially constructed to host such an activity, so proper heating or cooling of the place might be an issue that you should take into consideration.

If you are determined, an extra room out of the blue is formed with just a touch: built-in desk and built-in shelves, a rolling chair, enjoy the view and here you go!

Alternative use

Unless there is no other room to host your domestic workspace, use the inner edge of the window to read, write and create with direct access to natural light!

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