Here I am again with a small ground floor studio that is so cozy, stylish and functional and which I liked so much!

Relax and make a tour with me please:

Watch out the two sized couches placed the one next to the other: As they shape a corner, this corner couch kit dominates almost half of the room space; in front of it there is an ottoman which acts cleverly both as an extra seat and as a table as well.

The relatively low separator unit divides discretely and functionally the area between living room and the kitchen. For such a limited space with its master room in common, a visible partition is a must.

On the side towards the corner couch, this tailor-made construction holds the hanged TV-set, when a smart expandable dinner table leans on the rear side of it.

I enjoy this minimal, but fully equipped kitchen with its hanged cabinets underneath the working bench. It really breaks eye-look away and creates an illusion of a larger area.

I also enjoy the direct access of this small ground floor studio to the garden. I think this is an extra reason that makes me fall in love with it!

Another detail is the white color of the brick-wall of the window frames in bedroom. It acts as a catchy chromatic contradiction to the overall deep grey coloring of the room.

Love the sliding surfaces of the hidden storage units and wardrobes of the bedroom.

Last, but not least, hats-off for the multi-tasking bathroom; the shower compartment with its glass wall, the long white washstand and the separated rest room.




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