Portraits and photographs on walls:
An ideal decoration implementation, absolutely tasty and elegant, that at a first glance might look like self–satisfied, overweening and egotistical.


Portraits and photographs on walls applied in really so many different ways.
Some of them may be sized black-and-white intellectual photographs, some others multicolored collages of photos and paintings and, last, but not least, adhesive printings as wall-papers; at the end of the day, all of them remain discrete and vigorous decoration features.

Get a look and go through the images seen below and you will understand what I mean.


Due to their considerable dimensions, they overview the venue and sometimes they conquer it, they cause sentiments, they vitalize the area, they add an identity to the house, and propose a lifestyle.



Their sharp edges, the ones that vivify them rapidly so to dominate the place, regardless their creative uniqueness, are basically two elements:
the first one is their significant dimensions;
the second one is their drastic liveness, something not that usual for a decoration element, but rather for a mobile face, on which you can always tell what they are thinking.



As they stand so attractive, they are far beyond contemporary trends and modern lifestyle musts.
As individual creations and distinguished statements, as catchy themes, as dream-makers and mind-travelers, they take you to another dimension of prosperity and positivity.



Tip 1: Theme selection is a corner stone; to that respect, do not carry yourself away with fancy “blind-date” selections that might mislead you.

Tip 2: Always have in mind the room or the place in general for which they are destined to.

Tip 3: Mind the installation or application carefully and be proactive to avoid mishaps.

We, nevertheless, take it for granted that is by definition a real case of study with so many different aspects, avoiding stereotypes and quick judgements.



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