Criteria according to which we choose outdoor furniture are many.

The design of the product, the construction material, the cost of purchase, combined with the layout of the space we want to equip, is probably the most important.

Decision is not easy, but in any case, in order to have the desired result, we need to know the following:

+ Wooden outdoor furniture is weather resistant, work harmoniously with the natural environment, but need regular maintenance.

It is combined with all balconies and all buildings regardless of their design, age and size (block of flats or detached houses); its great advantage is that it composes an ideal and neutral background to set over it any kind of scenery, single or multicolored, minimal or ethnic, Mediterranean or tropical, vintage or traditional one.

+ Metal furniture is usually small. It is traditional. It is also outdoor. It is affordable too.
Metal outdoor furniture is ideal for small balconies. They do not have great maintenance requirements. They are cute, colorful, youthful and cheerful.

outdoor furniture

However, personally, I’d prefer something more comfortable and cozy.

Something like a rattan-kit for instance.

outdoor furniture

+Rattan outdoor furniture is a bit more expensive, it is sensitive, fades under the sun, blisters with rain, needs frequent maintenance, but it is, so, charming, beautiful and natural, so comfortable, and so stylish!

On the other hand, plastic outdoor furniture has enormous durability in time and in natural conditions, it is washable, affordable, needs no maintenance but it’s not eco-friendly. That’s the reason I would not recommend it for your garden or balcony.

+Also, have in mind the built-in ones!

outdoor furniture
Permanent, steady and secure seating constructions, for some people this is considered to be the best.
Paint and decorate them with cushions, flowers and plants!


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