A good housewife is proved by her kitchen!
Which kitchen has to be:

1) always updated with anything might possibly need for her cooking “distortions”: spices, herbs, aromatic oils and food flavorings and,

2) of good care and well-organized in such a way not only to fit everything into it -puffs, types of bread, potatoes and onions, legumes, rice and pasta, coffee and powder for beverages, sweets and candies, glasses, plates, platters, knives and forks, serving trays, mixing spoons, bowls and cups-, so that she can easily finds them any time she needs them!


So, I get started immediately:

Small secrets to design and organize the kitchen of a good housewife.

1. Try the sit-on cabinets on the kitchen board; open or closed ones, in corners or in part of the walls that do not disturb, they benefit each single centimeter of height, define and increase the storage capacity. Prefer the open ones, with sliding or rolling doors, so you can get full usage of your kitchen board.

2. Create sections for better organization, for instance coffee and beverage section, spices section, bread and dips section and so on.

3. Separate your sections in smaller drawers and cabinets for the best organization.

4. Take advantage of the full height of cupboards. Hooks under the shelves is a brilliant idea to hang your mugs and the same time to save space underneath them.

5. Use or built boxes or cases to separate the interior of your drawers.

6. Try to include drawers in different heights and do not forget the mechanisms that organize and settle their internals.

7. Last, but not least, do not neglect to predict space for the large serving trays and plate mats that always, but always are in surplus and we always, but always try to find a place to accommodate them!

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