I have to admit it, open kitchens are really popular nowadays.

A reason for that is that you can take advantage of the full potential of the area, another one is that you benefit every single centimetre even of a small flat and finally, because they make you feel that the room is larger and spacious indeed.

Open kitchens that are linked next to the dining and/or the living room is a trend today, no matter if the rest of the house has no other open areas at all.

They assist all inhabitants of the house, family members or guests, to communicate; elder ones cook and the same time small talk, when children play waiting for the dinner.
In that case, try to create one and you will immediately have the impression that room becomes spacious, airy and attractive.
This is an absolutely functional idea for space-deficit houses in general.
You can always maintain common decoration style for both zones -minimal, rural, industrial, medieval, contemporary or vintage, so that you can select the appropriate furniture and accessories. 

An idea is to link the two zones using same lighting fixtures or the same material tints for the master table and countertops. 

Another tip is to keep common taste in both sectors, but paint them in contradictory colours. 
 You can have a pale-painted kitchen, for instance, but you can add a dining table in black; this will appeal elegant from the one hand, but will act visually as space divider on the other.
You can also make selective mix-and-match options, such as:
A totally contemporary kitchen with a vintage dining room; 
a minimal kitchen with a rustic living room; 
a monastic long table in dining room with a modern rural kitchen;
an industrial kitchen island with subway tiles with charming leather couches in the living room.
You can get some ideas of more open kitchens in the photo-gallery seen below:



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