A Modern Flat in Ukraine Meets Design’s Standards With Unconventional Earthy Material.

This stylish and modern flat locates in Dnieper, Ukraine, in a prestigious area of the city close to the Dnieper river. Its design was performed by Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects and its innovation is exactly what we called: an irritating and shaking blending of earthy rare texture proposals.

Blends of colors move the organic, earthy and warm feeling into this modern flat: white body is filled up with a contradictory relaxing ocher-beige, when black and grey fulfill the whole image.


Sleek shined and varnished marble, three-dimensional panels, plain wood, concrete, miscellaneous textiles, decorative and figurative minerals, metal alloys, red-brown metallic ornaments and light fixtures , briefly speaking, all these, combined together, add a classy touch and a glam elegance to the whole concept.

Shining polished concrete paces with the rapid touch of the wooden panels, when the so unique feeling of touching contemporary material meets functionality of a quality living.

Selected furniture underline taste mixed with cozy and urban items, act as architects’ signature.

Multicolor decorative objects and accessories with their tiny splashes of blue, green, goldish, orange and yellow contribute to a joyful mood.

The open area of the kitchen space and the living room provides a loose allocation of the venue, with a lot of urban aspects.

It is such a charming timing when great composition texture meets with inviting earthy colors and material range, especially when they appeal in a contemporary, sharp manner -do you agree with that?

Designers made it finally:  they concluded to a vigorous and stylish result with a pretty balanced ambience.

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