Mediterranean style is so well-known in decoration nowadays;
classy and cozy, has a definite touch of affection wherever it applies.

Med undoubtedly brings us back memories of holidays next to the sea and under the sun.
Whether you decorate the interior of your beach-front house or not, no matter if you missed summer vacation or if you spent time in highlands, that is the proper timing for the Mediterranean style!

Do you want to know how to adopt it in your own home interior decoration?
These are some functional and useful tips.

Colors come first!
So, select the ones that will impose your desired style.
Hopefully, you have a wide range to choose: a lot of tints of sky and sea blue, forest green and brown of pine tree, terracotta ceramics and, naturally, white
of the lime.


Whitewashed surfaces seem to purify the space, along with sun’s light and sea zephyr.

You can also involve texture, such as polished massive wood, whitewashed stone benches, canvas, reeds.

All these material make you feel in harmonic cohabitation with nature and add a bright touch as a brushstroke.  

Furniture come next.

Prefer them minimal or simpler and try to avoid the “too-much” ones.

Light furniture are more than welcome.

All shades of white are bravely recommended.
Wallpaper can be in accordance with interior’s pale palette, but you can also add as a splash a vintage touch or a shabby look


Catchy decoration ornaments that go along with Mediterranean style are what we usually name as “the luxury of the unnecessary”.
They can be sea pebbles or sea shells or even tin-glazed ceramic tiles used both as flooring or wall coverings in many houses of the waterfront Mediterranean cities.

Plates made of clay are just perfect as they are hanged on the wall and straw baskets that easily fit everywhere are also great tips to any Mediterranean interior corner.


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