This impressive Spanish mansion locates into the medieval town of Pals, in Girona district of Catalonia and it has been fascinatingly restored by Gloria Duran studio.

Architects maintained its historical symbolism, when the same time they emphasized in its character by implementing contemporary design; this was a perfect match that bridged Past and Present: latest achievements of viable and environmental friendly methods, coordinated with vintage heritage and functional usage of the initial structures.


Master living area dominates the place with its spectacular double-height room above one’s head, with exposed stone walls and roof supported by great massive wood bows.

Venue proposes that many charming and elegant alternative design statements, that it is really not easy to conceive them at a glance.
What immediately catch visitor’s eye, is the ethnic rug with its modern fractal shapes and coloring and the hanged-from-the-ceiling fireplace.

On top to that, a sophisticated blend of rural objects with solely contemporary furniture and lighting fixtures conclude to a unique crafty decoration identity.

A huge structure made of glass emphasizes its presence on the mezzanine, dividing master bedroom and living floor beneath and offering an advantageous viewpoint.

Kitchen operates as a focal point of functionality and a modern evidence of expression, a room with direct access to sunlight, where cooking becomes a real joy.

See-through sliding doors guide you to the friendly exterior with its wooden deck and its absolutely sense of style furnished open area.

A small-sized lake welcomes guest from the front side of the building, when a swimming pool sprawls on the rear one.

It is so true that this excellent aged mansion of the mid of 19th century, apart from its natural beauty and elegance, its interior set-up, its completely harmonic inclusion with environment and historic importance, deserves a closer observation.


There are many more ideally designed spots of the house spread around to see.
Spots to read. Spots to relax. Peaceful corners to steep in water. Lux bathrooms that mix vintage allure and modern comfort.

A totally distinguished overlook that is really worthy for the overall restoration project, where design respected spirit of this spectacular historical place.

This great restoration project amalgamates the historical allure of a medieval mansion along with a touch of modern design.
Besides, it is no secret that we adore houses with historic legacy and distinguished character, don’t we?

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