Designing and selecting furniture for kid’s room, it’d be useful to have always in mind the factor named “safety”.

Furniture with sharp edges, noticeable snags, furniture that consist of fragile material, such as glass, but also made of “rough” or “hard” material that might cause accidents, it’d preferable to avoid.

-Do not hang shelves or any other heavy object over the head of your child.

-Get informed about the quality and the consistency of the manufacturing material and paints that you will use; select the ones that are human and environmental friendly.

-Assist your kid to use his place comfortably. Adjust his or her hangers of garments, his or hers libraries and storage of toys and objects according to age and height. Remember: it is his or her place and children should be self–served.


Kid’s room is probably the sole one that someone fearlessly can play with colors.

-If you love action, don’t be afraid to use bright colors, to create strong contradictions and to propose innovative combinations; walk the paths of chromatic harmony and of sober color combinations, so to create a more relaxing ambience.  

– Set your artistic talents free and create together with your child!

-Depending on mood you want to make, you have to select prototype, joyful or romantic duvets, pillows and textiles and dress your room up

-Hang multicolor curtains and play with heights, making knots or using ropes, ribbons or clothes pins.

-Take advantage of walls’ height, by installing shelves that can host beloved objects and books, according to the age of your child.

-On empty walls, create systems to suspend posters, paintings and photographs.

            -Finally, select carefully room’s lighting, having always in mind that dark colors absorb more light.

-Increase illumination sources on spots that have a larger demand for that, such us office desk or next to the bed; prefer to take advantage as much as you can of the natural light. 


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