Talking about living rooms and  “TV-set walls” as one.
What do we have to take care of?
Get a pencil and a piece of paper and take some notes!

The TV-set wall in relation with the rest living room, has

1.To be functional: That means it has to take full advantage, completely and totally, of the overall beneficial length and height of the room; to provide space, open shelves for example, or closed units, like drawers or cabinets; space for books, CDs, DVDs; to provide sockets and slots for sound and visual machinery and for every necessary electrical installation.

2. To be ergonomic: That means it has to be designed and constructed in such a way, so that all its elements follow realistic human analogies like proper dimensions of depth and height for shelves, drawers, cabinets and, mainly, proper heights for devices and outputs.

3.To be harmonically supplementary: including always all possible exclusions that arise of the human potential and talent, it has to follow expression, taste and esthetic of the rest of the living room.

4. To be functionally supplementary. Apart from the basic needs of its usage has to cover secontary needs as well, like offering extra sitting places. That is a very important detail that I really love so much and I propose almost always, especially for small living rooms and this little detail is so immediately distinguished in the photo seen above. Finally,

5. To be simple. This is not a necessary rule, but just a preposition. I mainly mention it here for one and only reason: it has to do with the well-known trend of increased lifetime of houses; without a doubt, they start their journey into the time empty or with just the necessary stuff to operate and function, but gradually they end up to be totally jam-packed!



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