Heating panels to warm us up. Useful ideas for the maximum performance of equally tempered interiors along with an elegant touch.

To select and to install heating panels into our house is not always an easy case.
The engineer that has under his overall responsibility building’s project upon its construction, studies and recommends the output of each radiator panel so to cover each space sufficiently.

What is the question? To succeed desired and, mainly, equal temperature, which means to warm us up in a balanced way: not to sweat, but not feel cold either, in every corner of the house without exception.

heating panels

Mind please some really important tips that might affect smooth distribution of temperature and reduce its loss, things that in most of the cases we overlook without noticing them in particular.

1. First and most important is the spot where our radiator heating panels will be installed.

We select their placement at the colder points of the house: under or next to the windows, next to the main entrance, at the corners shaped by two external walls, at the northern walls and of course as possibly lower and closer to the flooring where colder streams of air circulate.

We isolate the walls behind them, we avoid to “close” around panels with other constructions or to stuck in front of them other  furniture.

To that respect, we prefer modern, elegant heating panels in various shapes, patterns, designs, colors  and dimensions.

2. If, however, we are forced to build a construction around them, then we take care to be as wide and open it can be.

Our heating panels have to be free, especially on their upper side, at least  15 centimeters, so to allow smooth air circulation.

3. If your venue is larger than 20-25 square meters, then cover it with more than one heating panels.

Place them in a distance between them so to warm up opposite areas. Avoid to select one and only heating panel for a larger room, even if it covers it with the necessary output; most probably you will warm up nicely the area around the panel, when the same time you will feel colder the opposite one.

4. Radiator heating panels + functionality of the space.

Design your space from the very beginning with all its potential functions and include in your planning heating panels as well. They are little “gadgets” that cannot be easily removed; select carefully in advance requested installation spots, setting beforehand a definite base for a “warm collaboration”, but also for a functional venue.

As regards older heating panels, if you do not wish to replace them or not even to dress them  up, then all you have to do is just to show them up! A bit of a color and a bit of your fantasy are enough!



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