When we’re referring to the isle homes,
to the homes of the sun and the sea,
it is almost impossible our mind not to wonder and think of anything else other than the Greek summer.

When we talk about decoration ideas for summer isle homes, when we talk about must-have standards it’s impossible to ignore the following details:


The wooden sling patio chair with the white canvas, gazing across the Archipelago.

Yes, this chair is a must-have because that’s how it is on the island.

The built-in window seat with its blue and white cover.

The kitchenette with the built-in shelving.

The bistro table in front of a white rock background.

The rocking chair next to the bed.

The crisp cotton bed sheets and the books on the nightstand.

For the rainy days, the living room with the small, square wooden table.

The front door, just a stride away so you can get outside in a minute.

The wooden attic for the kids’ nap, and not only.

The floor pillows for play and lounging.

Straw hats;
Use them as decoration or simply wear them for sun protection.

And finally the gas lamps.
It’s the only way to create an ambiance in the evening, at the terrace or the veranda, while at the same time keep the mosquitoes and other insects away.

So, that’s what happens at the Greek Isles homes. That’s all I had to say and that’s all you have to do if you want to feel like an islander with good taste. I hope I have convinced you and traveled you for a while.

Kisses to you, my sweet little summer!



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