Gardens, terraces and verandas, are multifunctional private outdoor areas that folllow home and they have to be designed according to it.

The plants, seating areas, construnction material, lighting and irrigation fittings are important topics, that’s why they have to be carefully selected and combined.
Use related material, select carefully paints and types of plants, fill up with furniture and ornaments and add the desired look.

Starting from the flooring coatings, select material that can be harmonized with natural environment, such as wood or stones.
Ceramic tiles can be an even more affordable and good-taste option, but take care to be slip-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

A combination of two or more material gives interesting results as well.
Concrete is a new trend and fits to minimal or modern residences, when its painting potential offers unusual results with limitless applications.

Material for outdoor use should :

-be of special type, durable against humidity and under sun’s exposure.
-not be slippery when wet.
-not send back annoying for the eyes reflections.
-be related with building’s architecture.

Light wooden separators, pergolas, built-in benches and barbeques,  permanently steady benches and usage of shading systems, are some other constructions that anybody can use to configure his place.

If there is luxury of space, it is strongly recommended to construct corridors that lead to terraced levels, when also use of floating water in some spots of our garden is an interesting choice.

So, bring out the positive elements and transform them into spots of carefreeness!


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