Concrete is a construction raw material, also used as a decorative one, which already invaded and finally managed to conquer our lives all over the world.


There are pretty obvious advantages for that, such as:

it is cost-effective and affordable;
it is widely used for a lot of different constructive and decorative applications, such as walls, floors and ceilings, not to forget furniture and ornaments;
it is not complicated to apply it on whichever surface;
it adds a sleek and fancy look;
It is pretty easy to be maintained and it is self-protected: resists to bathroom’s humidity and fights against kitchen’s sink back-splashes;
last, but not least, offers DIY-alternatives.


You can apply it at any place of the house -to living room, to dining room, to bathroom, so overall you can get a contemporary or industrial touch.

concrete-interiors-2 concrete-interiors


concrete-effect-kitchen concrete-countertops concrete-bathrooms



Someone might say that it is boring and monotonous, due to its dominating grey color.
However, there are so many different shades of grey plus that you can paint it fearlessly to unconventional shades that can actually become an eye-catch.

Walls and floors made of concrete can be glazed, to avoid cracks and to keep filth away. To avoid the slippery surface of them try to polish it and seal its joints with an anti-slipping epoxy lacquer, so to provide attrition and prevent falls.

concrete-walls concrete-walls concrete-tiles-1 concrete-tiles-2 concrete-tiles

Would you like to proceed a step beyond?
All right then, go selecting concrete mosaic tiles and you will immediately have a distinguished wall or floor!

Or, do you maybe prefer your place to set free a warmer feeling?
Then, next to your concrete walls, place an attractive and charming wooden floor and you will have an ideal balance.


Concrete matches up also perfectly on ceilings! Not οf course because of its durability, but it is rather a matter of taste or to make a mood and impress. Imagine a totally whitewashed room for instance and then visualize it with its concrete ceiling.


Can you see its rapid impact?

And in case you have a totally industrial-styled home, then, a concrete roof is by definition a must-have!

After all, concrete as a decorative material is so self-sufficient, so that you can dress your entire home up with it from top to bottom.



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