It is commonly known that colors rapidly affect human beings.



Interpretations each time vary. Majority of them, however, agrees to general properties that characterize symbolism of each color. Healing ability of colors is not yet approved  scientifically, but for sure colors can wake up emotions and reactions, can assist or  interrupt mental functions like attention and concentration, can affect human psychology.

Proper proportions of colors and their appropriate combinations in our living area or in the working environment, where we spend most of our time during daytime or nighttime, act as an equalizer and contribute to a maximum efficiency.

Colors and their impact in mood and areas.

colors red

  • Red. Color of passion and tension, of excitement and speed. It has been observed as a symbolism that in large quantities, causes aggressiveness and irritation. In its darker tones, if blended with blue or black, is more balanced and suitable for a home. Apply it in kitchen or living room, however avoid it on extended surfaces and in its sharp and bright tints.


  • Yellow. Provides the feeling of natural warmth and represents jealousness and power. Supports concentration and study, acting as the color of spiritual clarity, discipline and organization. Use it in bright tones in places you live or read. It is equally beneficial in spots or rooms that demand attention, such as narrow staircases, sharp corners  or wherever security signs exist; reason is that attracts attention and helps you to focus at the dangerous point.


  • Blue. Demonstrates symbolism of stability and fidelity, promotes calmness and sobriety; however, most of its tints are of a rather cold character. Blue makes objects appear or seem lighter; blue makes the space to look like less pressing and narrow. If you use it in bedrooms, it assists a lot for a “sleeping mode”. Combine it with warm fabrics and material with interesting textures, such as fur, natural wood or embossed objects.


colors orange

  • Orange. Warm color that reminds Mediterranean and hospitality, it is always necessary in areas of social contacts. includes some of the characteristics of the red, but with less tension and without being in any of its aspect provocative or bothering. It favors adventure and your need to change and represents delight and lust for life. Select it for your living room or kitchen and dive into warmth that emits.


colors green

  • Green. Optimistic, it promotes harmony, its symbolism contributes to a connection feeling with Nature, reminding good health as well. Makes an ideal ambience for concentration and meditation. It is recommended for all rooms, since majority of its versions have more positive than negative qualities -by the way, an avoidable option is tints of green blended with grey spashes.


colors violet

  • Violet. The color of mystery and power. It causes strong reactions and optical attraction. When its tints reach blue, it is equipped with more relaxing and calm elements. When its tints reach red, it becomes arrogant and prevents concentration.
    Use its more sober notes for your bedroom and soften its energy with cream, white or beige.


colors white

  • White. Color of purity and psychological elevation. Adds a sense of clarity and transparency in each area. If you combine it with bright yellow, then you have a strong source of power and mental strength. If coexists with darker colors, it loses its beneficial attributes. People often name it as a “neutral” and “easy” color, but it can add elements of empowerment when blended with bright colors in small quantities.


colors black

  • Black. Pessimistic and miserable symbolism. It can easily overturn balances in a venue and can reduce other colors characteristics. However, it can adopt a dynamic touch and theatrical status on a surface, if you use it cleverly in proper spots.

Study colors’ attributes and take in consideration both your personal as well as needs of people that surround you, so to create a harmonic and balanced environment. Combine freshness of green with the energetic action of bright yellow for an ambience connected to Nature, in which spirit will function fluently.

Use tones of violet or blue in a white background that will fill you up with serenity and will assist you to discharge burden of stress.

If you like bright colors, such as solid red, try to use them on limited ratio so to avoid a negative impact both in mood and behavior.

Add in your life colors symbolism of…

 RED, if you miss enthusiasm and self-confidence,

• PINK, if you ask for care and love around you,

• ORANGE, if you miss action and interest for life,

• YELLOW, to become more decisive and collected,

• GREEN, when you need new ideas,

• BLUE, when you want to decompress and calm down,

• WHITE, for a new start!


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