Christmas tree in 6 tips-concepts, by far the most exciting thing
for the coming joy days.
Dedicated with inspiration, fantasy and lots of love!

Have a look…

Concept # 1:

Start line: the all-time classic, the eternal, the red-green, the sharp-peaked Christmas tree of our dreams, adorned with red and white decorations; to hug under it gifts in red-white packagings and wrapped-up with red-white ornaments. Yes, I talk about our so familiar and so beloved one, coz this year -as every year, one way or another, I promote and fanatically support the “red-white” combination.


Concept # 2:

Christmas tree in a ‘light-curtain printed-on-canvas’ version. Mind here the minimal overall of the tree before shooting,  I mean not to be loaded with so many decorations. I recommend it for high venues, for areas where you stumble on numerous furniture, for walls next to stairs, even for doors!


Concept # 3:

This is kids’ favorite, a DIY-construction,  which, however, requires access to sea plywood; It perfectly matches with white fleece decorations – I prefer small animals and little stars-, but with linear lighting. My little, cute fairies, didn’t  you hear it? Christmas is coming!


Concept # 4:

Christmas tree-lighting fixture as 2-in-1 pack! Get some plywood and… you design your little tree, you cut it with your little saw, you paint it, you set light on its rear side and you bolster it on wall! An everlasting spendid lighting effect, especially during nighttime.


christmas tree: 6 tips

Concept # 5:

Tree branch as you will find it in nature. Select a solid, clean and big branch, which does not breaks up. You don’t need to paint it, without rejecting its dying, of course; in case you decide it, I’d suggest white or grey color. Put on it specific and geometrical decorations, light it with a string of irregularly dropped, yellow, but strictly not colorful, lights.


Concept # 6:

Alternatively, instead of a Christmas tree, you can adorn a ladder! Yes, why not? A ladder can be adorned as well! You can also decorate it with the fascinating and so beloved “lice” string lights, but, be careful, do not exaggerate and do not overload!




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