We usually overlay carpets on the floors of the house compartments, such as living room or sleeping room;
however, we also use them in many other areas of the home -from entrance hall to kid’s room or even in kitchen and bathroom.


According to their use or sometimes their “abuse”, meaning their over usage, to buy a quality carpet requires to be informed and basically to become familiar with their technical characteristics.

Is it made out of wool or silk?
Is it synthetic or not?
Is it handmade or machine-made?
Which is its number of knots?
What about its density and country of manufacture?
Are we talking about a plain rug or a moquette?
These are all questions that should be answered and act a decisive role to your final selection.

With so many different colors and textures, carpets, apart from their functional aspect, are at the same time a strong decoration tool. If you have already concluded to light-colored walls and wall covers, then carpets might appeal with a connective and revitalizing way, adding the necessary color touch in the venue.

  • Remember that carpets with patterns, apart from being impressive, are life-savers, especially when kids or pets are involved or even both of them, basically because they hide dirt.
  • Have always in mind that choosing carpets in light-color tints you always make your place seems bigger, especially when they are covering relatively large surface.
  • Also notice that, if you use the same carpet in two or three consecutive rooms, your visitors gets the impression of a wider house.

Last, but not least, I would suggest you to avoid to buy a cheap carpet.
Cheap carpets are not getting old with grace; most possibly, you will be obliged be to replace them soon, something that will cost you more.
Besides, synthetic carpets accused by many people for allergies.
So, do not mercy to invest on a quality carpet; you will enjoy and you will live with it for many, many years.

In any case, when you are about to buy a carpet, have a thorough look at it, carefully; feel it and touch both its surfaces, the upper and the lower one and be sure that its weaving (knots per square meter) is dense enough.
Bend on it and press with your finger its thick pile -it should immediately return up to its previous position. Quality carpets are made for longevity.


Advantages of the carpets:

  1. They hide the noise of the house and the noise between floors, something really important, especially when we talk about for apartments.
    Per recent research results, the noise on a naked floor is 10 to 12 times more annoying than the one on a floor dressed with a carpet.
  2. They offer warmth and comfort. Carpet acts as an isolation material as well and the cost savings in energy nowadays are really valuable.
  3. They are not slippery, so you avoid home accidents, when the same time act as an indeed safe pillow that protects you in case of a fall.



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