Bronze color for Christmas decoration in rose-gold shades and as a fashion trend.

We all know bronze color as a shiny, metallic and reddish shade which even at its most glamorous version invaded recently in our lives as a new fashion and style trend, from clothing and make-up to any kind of accessories, furniture and home ornaments.

Widely also known as “rose-gold” shade, this reddish tint with its metallic texture is placed as fashion creators main target; it is also one of the most modern interior trends nowadays, combined brilliantly both in minimal as well as in more classic spaces.

Moreover,  it has a balanced earthy status which takes off with a  glow of metal; it is accessible and familiar to each one of us and so contradictory to the glamour and exaggeration that golden and silver tints emit.

Bronze color as an earthy shade and as a rookie decoration material.

To that respect of its warm, familiar and earthy shine that the same time appears as an interior design rookie material, was there for me any chance to skip Christmas Holidays decoration?

Christmas decoration then,  in rose-gold, with shiny proposals  to adorn your home with magnificent bright shades!

Have a look please…

Christmas minimal bronze trees for the fireplace, for the buffet or for the dining room.

Christmas baubles in white and bronze color.

Bronze Christmas decorative jingle bells for your gifts.

Mugs in shades of bronze color with hot chocolate.

Christmas dish with bronze splashes in its details.

Christmas rose-gold baubles for your tree.

Christmas baubles applied on stars.

After you have seen all these above, I think that you comprehend:
Yes, my Christmas proposal for this year appears in shades of bronze color, a modern and daring and revolutionary and warm interior trend!

Well, give it a try!



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