An interior deco-application known as “bicoloring in a beige background”.

Here we are with a typical, small and warm country chic residence for two on a surface of just 55 square meters,

So, to that respect I take the opportunity to underline the potential that a color has, especially the red one: to disrupt the indolence, the harmony and the boredom of beige, but also to chat with you for a safe decoration rule, the so-called “bicoloring in a background of beige + color”.

Let’s have a thorough look below:

Deco-application “bicoloring in a beige background + color”

bicoloring in a beige background

For a start, you have to have in mind that:
when I say ‘beige’ I mean all its tints: from the very light tones of cream, ecru, mocha up to bright and even darker brown;
when I say ‘color’ I mean any bright or even less sharp color.

The specific application requires at first the existence of a generally beige/ecru/brown environment & decoration & furnishing and it is applied simply just like that:

We select ONE (1) basic color and we use it in details and in certain spots in the area: on small cushions, on lighting fixtures, on carpets, on a wall.

By the way, in the specific pictured residence for instance, there are excellent red-white aggressive stripes next to the wild texture of stones and on the ceiling. We apply it with love, tenderness and carefulness on objects. We spread it around, so to circulate all over our place carefully without suffocate it and we leave it on its own to do its job into the overall beige.

Have a look please….

Here as well, in bedroom and bathroom, we notice the so-called deco-application “bicoloring in beige + color” as a confirmation, with usage of purple color as the basic one.

It is a solid choice with safe color combinations that I would like you to remember when you would like to refresh your area. The only two things you have to take care of, if you seek for a successful result characterized by balance and harmony, is quantity of the color itself that you will use plus spots on which you will apply it on.


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