Handmade tips and ideas for affordable Christmas gifts that the only thing they demand from you is just is a bit of your time.

Christmas is almost here and our desire these days to offer joy to people we love is more vivid than any other time of the year. Gifts exchange became recently a common custom as an expression of love. It is a rather important moment both for the one that receives his or her presents, but also for the one that selects so to offer them. However, their affordable Christmas gifts and their buy cost is a factor that pretty often nowadays acts as a headache for many of us.


To that respect, I strongly believe that a gift is important not because of its cost, but mainly due to sentimental burden that it carries. Closely connected to its sender, means that it has to do with how much he or she thinks about you and how much time he or she devotes to you. Especially when his or her financial status is not at his best, I thought to gather in one spot 10 small tips and ideas for affordable Christmas gifts and present solutions that the only thing they demand is Love for the ones you care about.

10 tips for affordable Christmas gifts.

1. The art of “tight rope” on a wooden surface, some nails and white cord.

2. Olive oil with herbs and aromatic spices in handmade packaging.

3. Wooden kitchenware stuff with your signature and your wood burning pen.

4. Porcelain mugs with your personal message: apart from the mugs, you will need special porcelain markers.

5. Warm woolen gloves from your old sweater.

6. Alternative scarf for the cold, made of genuine, real, fluffy wool.

7. Sauces, juices, liquors, marmalades, nuts and candied sweets in bottles and jars of any size, cloth ribbons and nice etiquettes.

8. Homemade cookies in glass jar.

9. Aromatic bread with your art as a baker, the baking vessel and a special knife to cut it.

10. Homemade pop corns -in XL size, of course!




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